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Eduard Limonov(1943-2020)(ru:Эдуард Вениаминович Лимонов(Савенко)) yɛ Rɔhyean nsɛntwerɛni, nyansapɛni, ayɛsɛm ne anwonsɛm twerɛni.

Nwoma[sesa | edit source]

  • It's Me, Eddie
  • His Butler's Story, first published in English by Grove Press, 1987. Translated by Judson Rosengrant
  • Memoir of a Russian Punk, Grove Weidenfeld, 1990. Translated by Judson Rosengrant
  • Молодой Нeгодяй (A Young Scoundrel), translated by John Dolan
  • My Political Biography
  • The Other Russia at the Wayback Machine (archived 25 November 2006) (English), translated by Sofia Arenzon
  • Russian Psycho
  • Control Shot
  • The Holy Monsters
  • Imprisoned by Dead Men
  • Limonov vs. Putin at the Wayback Machine (archived 31 December 2009) (English), translated by Sofia Arenzon
  • The Book of Water
  • The Wild Girl
  • American Vacation
  • The Great Mother of Love
  • Anatomy of a Hero
  • Disappearance of Barbarians
  • How to be Mad and Happy at Fifty-Five