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Nsa benkum betumi agyina hɔ ama:

  • Onipa akwaa baako a ɛbata nipadua no ho
  • Benkumni, ɛkyerɛ obi a ɔde ne benkum di dwuma
  • Benkum (ns<b>ɛnkwaa</b> ), nsɛnkwaa nhoma a ne kyerɛwfo ne Marvel Comics
  • Left Hand (Vampire Hunter D), a character from the Vampire Hunter D series of books, published in Japan
  • Left Hand (manga), a Japanese manga
  • Left Hand, West Virginia, a community in the United States
  • Left Hand Brewing Company, a brewery located in Longmont, Colorado
  • Left-hand path and right-hand path describing the two different/opposing belief systems
  • LeftHand StoreVirtual, Hewlett-Packard storage products for computing, see HP StorageWorks
  • "The Left Hand" (Dollhouse), a 2009 episode of the television series Dollhouse
  • The Left Hand, a pen-name used by Benjamin Franklin